Conveyance Management

The AMS conveyance management enables convenient and prompt management of expenses. This user-friendly module ensures secure storing & retrieving of transaction data. It is helpful in business management with accurate management of corporate conveyance. AMS conveyance management facilitates efficient administration and reduced travel expenses. It is designed to meet the procedures and policies of every organization without compromising on quality and productivity.


  • Time saving as most of the procedures become automated
  • User-friendly design

Other Details

  • Say goodbye to paper forms and complicated spreadsheets.
  • Each and every rule and policy can be implemented
  • Enables hassle free conveyance
  • Helps in improved cost management with an useful travel spend analysis
  • Improves employee satisfaction because the processes are more systematic and organized
  • It's totally paperless
  • Maximizes the speed for travel claim approval process as no conventional methods that include manual paper methods


  • Systematic & organized processes
  • Hassle-free conveyance management
  • Quick travel claims approval process
  • Totally paperless, no difficult spreadsheets
  • Better cost-management with useful analysis
  • Easy implementation of organizational policies
  • Maximizes the speed for travel claim approval process