Email & SMS Notification

Company administration can be streamlined and improved immeasurably by the use of attendance tracking software and SMS. Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and even the most basic mobile phones have the capacity to both send and receive SMS text messages.

Traditional ways of sending SMS is very time-consuming. It takes so many hours in collecting data and informing the employee of the attendance or want to share othere information. We have a new solution for this in which we automate the attendance. also company can set SMS templates in the AMS and define a auto task for SMS alerts for absent/present to employee.send automatic email or sms to employee if late comming etc.


  • Alerts for employees are currently available for InLate alert types, but in the future this will be expanded.
  • Improve employee punctuality
  • Notify to employee for any events
  • In order to program employee alerts, simply navigate to App Setting and enable "Send email to employee if comming late" and click into save.

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