Employee Self Service (ESS)

The AMS Employee Self Service (ESS) enables users to view and access their data directly, book leaves, obtain approvals, manage conveyance and mark attendance all from a single platform. It is user friendly and promises a "paperless" office, streamlined and efficient business processes, and the elimination of manual intervention of HR personnel in managing and maintaining data.

Additionally, the AMS ESS enables employees to apply for reimbursements through online forms and have them directed to the respective manager for consideration. It is aimed at empowering employees and managers to take more accountability for their jobs and development and perform responsibly.

The principal advantage AMS ESS is that it is a more efficient means of collecting changes to employee details. This is particularly true for organizations dispersed over a number of physical locations.


  • 'Go Green' and efficient with paperless information management and increased accuracy of performance data.

Other Details

  • An efficient means for collecting day-to-day employee information, especially in organizations having operations spread across multiple locations.


  • Leave apply and approve System
  • Attendance Card Integration with Shift Management
  • Local Conveyance Claim, apply, status
  • HR Data Synchronization with Excel Sheet (comming soon with SAP also)
  • Outdoor apply, status