About AMS

It has always been a concern to backup and secure data while managing a database for Time & Attendance. This task becomes more difficult when you have wide-spread operation locations. Further, maintaining these loads of data involve high storage and bandwidth costs. With AMS, all your data storage, security and accessibility needs are fully met. It’s a SaaS based Time & Attendance system that allows you to store, maintain & update time-attendance database on cloud.

Designed & developed by CP PLUS, AMS offers flexibility and reliability that enable you to work efficiently. A fully automated time-attendance management solution, it helps in enhancing the productivity of any organization. Ideal for Offices, Government Institutes, Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Small and Large Enterprises, AMS is highly useful for HR and help them in employee review, attendance policies, monthly salary calculation, etc.


Designed for simplicity, AMS is easy to use. It offers simple profile creation and effectively link it to time & attendance system.


AMS allows easy access of database anywhere, anytime. Log on to your profile to review, edit & extract reports.


CP PLUS AMS has a state-of-the-art data centre, maintained & managed by a skilled and dedicated team.

Enhanced Security

With cloud storage, there is no need to worry about loss or tampering of data etc.

Hassle Free

AMS is a trouble-free system that saves you the costs associated with creating & managing a physical storage infrastructure.

Cost-Effective & Efficient

AMS is both economical and efficient. Select from a range of plans as per your need and usage.

Functionality with Simplicity

AMS offers a powerful and easy interface with broad and excellent functionality. The on-premise attendance management platform is ideal for any organization.


With good system flexibility, it’s easy to expand as per your need. AMS offers excellent scalability and help you grow!

Extensive Data Storage

AMS allows you to create a complete attendance record with more than 200 screens of data.

Features & Benefits of AMS

AMS helps ensure easy, effective & efficient attendance processing. CP PLUS advanced attendance management system is important for any business. It is crucial to reduce human error as well as costs.

Zero install

All computers have a web browser


Robust, scalable solution to suit large loads

Centralized Database

Secure data, easy backup

Ease of Access

Reach anybody, anywhere globally

24 / 7

Available all the time

Direct Access

Direct information access for employees anywhere

Always Up-to-date

Fast & easy to update

Online Training

Online training can be done at user’s convenience

Mobile app

AMS app for Android and iOS

Choose Your Plan

CP PLUS AMS comes at an affordable pricing. It comes with simple and honest pricing plans to match your specific requirements. INR is only for Indian subscribers because Payment accepted only in INR. If you are from outside India, please refer Global Price Pay in USD.

Business plan

If you deal in IT Products, sell hardware or software, or are a market adviser then include AMS Cloud in your offering and provide comprehensive attendance solutions. We aim to build long-term successful business model with our valued partners. We have a perfect business plan for AMS partners.

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User Manual

First things first. If you have not done so yet, surf to https://ams.cppluscloud.com/register and register your company with AMS. Attendance Management System (AMS from now on, to abbreviate). This tutorial shows version 1.0.1, which was the latest when this tutorial was written.

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Supported Devices

A SaaS based service, AMS offers effective time and attendance solutions. It supports push technology featured devices. Presently, AMS works with two biometric devices viz. CP-MTA-F1043 and CP-MTA-F3043.


  • Special Feature Push Data Technology
  • Finger template capacity 1000
  • Transactions Logs 100000
  • ID Card Capacity 1000
  • Password User 1000
  • Display 2.4"TFT Color LCD
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  • Special Feature Push Data Technology
  • Finger template capacity 3000
  • Transactions Logs 100000
  • ID Card Capacity 3000
  • Password User 3000
  • Display 2.4"TFT Color LCD
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  • Special Feature Push Data Technology
  • Face template capacity 30000
  • Transactions Logs 25000
  • ID Card Capacity NA
  • Password User NA
  • Display 7"TFT Color LCD
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Case Study

AMS is used in many different organizations and it helps them achieve their business goals. Practical, convenient & cost-effective, AMS has rendered excellent results for various moderate to large projects.

The Results Were Amazing


Yearly aving


Punctuality of Employee


Conveyance Accuracy


Cost Saved for Report