The Upcoming Features & Improvements in AMS

AMS continues to be adding new features for upcoming updates. we are able to get a glimpse of upcoming features, improvements, and bug fixes that users have been waiting for. Below is a list of planned additions and changes that will be part of AMS current major release

Travel Management SystemExpected launched on June 2020

AMS Travel Management is a complete solution of travel details. No need to submit hard copy manually to account department for claim. Totally request and approval based system of ticket booking request, approval by reporting person, ticket upload etc.

Below are the some features.

  • Travel booking request form.
  • After approved by reporting person request will goes to ticket booking desk.
  • Ticket booking desk can upload ticket.
  • Email notification in every movement.
  • Upload all bills to AMS for account department to claim travel amount.
  • Multiple option to pay travel claim amount, like Bank transfer, Cash, Cheque etc.

PlannerExpected launched on Augest 2020

AMS Planner is a small service but very usefull.Employee can create plan for future like client meeting, travel, internal meeting, Project deadline etc.

Below are the some feature in AMS Planner.

  • Create plan with date and time and plan details.
  • Notification by email and in AMS ESS.
  • Employee can cancel or change plan.
  • Create employee group for meeting.
  • Early notifications.
  • and much more....

AMS PayrollExpected launched on November 2020

Payroll management is a complex process due to a large number of calculations and statutory compliance requirements. You need a stress-free solution that is accurate, fully baked and very secure. AMS Payroll provide complete payroll process. It's unmatched in it's simplicity and tackles all aspects of the payroll process.

Below is the some details

  • Configurable salary structure.
  • Automated payroll inputs and payslips.
  • Comprehensive Post-Payroll Process.
  • 100% statutory compliance.
  • Generate payroll reports.

Training Management System (TMS)Expected launched on January 2021

AMS Training Management System is a service that helps organizations streamline and optimize the back-office training processes for Instructor-Led-Training. Building complex schedules? Assigning trainers and resources to classes? Tracking costs per session, region or business unit? These are the sort of things that you can expect from AMS Training Management System.

Below are some feature included in TMS

  • You can create multiple training Catalogue.
  • Organisation can limite the budgets of training catalogue.
  • Multiple training schedule can be created.
  • Training schedule can be create branch wise , department wise etc.
  • Attendance finger tamplete can tranfer to training place biometric machine, so employee can mark attendance from training place.
  • and much more...

Performance Management System (PMS)Expected launched on April 2021

AMS Performance management system is service which is used to communicate the organizational goal to the employees individually, allot individual accountability towards that goal and tracking of the progress in the achievement of the goals assigned and evaluating their individual performance. PMS reflects the individual performance or the accomplishment of an employee, which evaluates and keeps track of all the employees of the organization.

Following are the actions included in PMS

  • Providing career development support and promotional guidance to the employees
  • By proper selection process, selecting the right set of people
  • Complete appriasal process.
  • Making clear a job description and employee performance plan.
  • Performance based conversation- This enables the managers to talk about the performance of the employees individually.

Assets Management SystemExpected launched on July 2021

AMS's Assets Management System a company or organization uses to keep track of the equipment and inventory vital to day-to-day operation of their businesses. Exactly how those assets are managed, though, is highly variable.

Following are the actions included in PMS

  • Create multiple group and group head.
  • Opening stock entry of assets.
  • Request and issue any assets to employee.
  • Assets warrenty tracking and notification.
  • Issued assets retuen process.
  • Measuring vendor performance
  • Manage services as well as assets

Candidate Onboard and Employee exit ProcessLaunched on 27 Sep 2019

The Candidate Onboard system is a new updates and shipped with AMS Sep 2019 build that allows you to complete process of candidate hiring and exit that has no effect on your normal AMS environment.

Some features of a Candidate Onboard are given below:

  • Candidate onboard
  • Employee exit system
  • Employee exit approval base system
  • Clearance process
  • All update can see by employee
  • No need to write email or sms update resign request status

Conveyance Management SystemLaunched on 25 Jan 2019

The Conveyance Management System is a new feature that shipped with AMS Jan 2019 Update that allows you to use full featured conveyance management that has no effect on your normal AMS environment.

Some features of a Conveyance Management System are given below:

  • Totally paperless conveyance system.
  • No manual interference, totally automatic system.
  • Autometically distance calculation.
  • Employee friendly mobile App of IOS and Android devices.
  • Realtime conveyance status.
  • Multiple payment mode to pay conveyance.
  • Detailed and summery report to analyze conveyance.
  • More filter option to show reports.
  • Tier wise mapping for price per KM.
  • Multiple transport like Own car, Public transport, Two wheeler, Cab etc
  • Grade wise conveyance limit.
  • Applied and approve based syustem.
  • and much more...

Facilitation ToolLaunched on March Jan 2019

Employee monitoring is a tactic many managers, human resources departments, and business owners use to track the performance and productivity of their employees and as a means of security. AMS Facilitation tool is a unique feature to monitor employee.

Below is some important features.

  • You can be in touch with your employees at any time.
  • HR or reporting person can track real-time of their team.
  • Manage Visits & Improve Field Force Productivity
  • Download Detailed Reports
  • Admin can apply rule of employee monitoring.
  • It’s one of the best ways to make sure your field employees aren’t in danger.

Employee Self Service(ESS)Launched on May 2019

The AMS Employee Self Service (ESS) enables users to view and access their data directly, book leaves, obtain approvals, manage conveyance and mark attendance all from a single platform. It is user friendly and promises a "paperless" office, streamlined and efficient business processes, and the elimination of manual intervention of HR personnel in managing and maintaining data.

Below is some important features of AMS ESS.

  • Dashboard is used to show every employee’s attendance, Holidays, Leave, Birthday etc.
  • Leave details like-Show Balance, apply and approve by reporting person.
  • If employee worked on Holiday or week-off then AMS will automatically will show comp-off here to apply and approve.
  • Outdoor attendance applies and approve by reporting person.
  • Conveyance apply, print bill after approved by reporting person.
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  • My Team is a feature to view statistics (Attendance, Leave, OD, Monitoring etc.) of individual teams.
  • Employee can view or download their document those are uploaded by HR.
  • Employee can view and download company Policies.
  • Helpdesk is unique feature for employee to raise a query for any need and respective group head can reply of the query.
  • Notice Board is a place to view news those are published by company.
  • and much more...

AMS ConnectLaunched on May 2019

AMS Connect is a ticketing service for better experience of customer with AMS. if need any help than customer can raise a ticket. our experienced support team will connect with you quickly.

Below is some details of AMS Connect.

  • Customer can create unlimited ticket.
  • Manage ticket end to end till query/issue is not resolved
  • Customer can view status and all reply.
  • Customer can reopen the ticket, if issue/query are not resolved.

HelpdeskLaunched on May 2019

Helpdesk is a small service added in AMS Cloud to fullfill requirement of emoloyee. If having more branches of a comapany than only HR can't resolve all queries of employee. AMS Helpdesk helps to resolve above problem.

Below are some features of the AMS Helpdesk.

  • Can be create multiple group of respective department, like IT,Stationary, Stock etc.
  • A single group can have multiple group head.
  • AMS ESS will show respective query to group head only.
  • A unique request ID created and autometically assigned to respevtive group head.
  • Any employee can raise a query to respective group.

My TeamLaunched on April 2019

There is a challenging jobs for reporting managee to manage and monitor the team. Using My Team feature reporting person can monitor their team with effective manner. Reporting person can view Attendance, Outdoor, Leave, Comp-off, Conveyance details, Live monitoring of their team.

Below are the few details of My Team

  • Live Monitoring.
  • Reporting person can check Leave, Holiday, Outdoor Attendnace, Attendance, Cop-off, Conveyance of their team.
  • Informative dashboard of their team.

Third party Payroll IntegrationLaunched on June 2019

AMS Cloud offers to integrate third party integration payroll with secure communication.

Below is the some details

  • Totally secure communication.
  • Single Sign On (SSO),No need to login again in payroll.
  • Token based authentication with payroll.