Employee Directory

It’s indispensable for an organization to maintain an accurate staff directory. With AMS corporate directory, it’s easy to manage and synchronize employee details. It features built-in single sign-on functionality and Active Directory hooks. AMS corporate directory enables effective administration of employee details. Also, there is a search box placed at the top levels of the portal to find employee directory information like phone numbers etc.

Other Details

  • Accessible from any page, the Search Box is easy to use, and it provides quick results
  • The Admin can search as well as edit employees’ details
  • A broad range of filter criteria to give personalized directory results

Leave Management

AMS facilitates the entire leave process, including viewing leave applications, approval from the manager, management and reporting. It allows you to manage the entire leave management process with customized software packages as per your specific requirements. AMS Leave Management allows you to manage your resources and helps improve the overall productivity of your company in an effective way. With complete reporting, the AMS provides rich and meaningful information.

Other Details

  • The admin has sole authority to monitor & manage the data
  • High data security
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Simple, quick leave requests
  • Cost-effective with automated recording & management


  • Efficiently manage & track all the leave information
  • Online application for leaves
  • Customization of leave type as per company policy
  • Tracker for the leave management system to configure holidays based on branch
  • Leave restrictions and different colour codes for various leave types
  • Department leave calendar to track employee leaves department wise

Conveyance Management

The AMS conveyance management enables convenient and prompt management of expenses. This user-friendly module ensures secure storing & retrieving of transaction data. It is helpful in business management with accurate management of corporate conveyance. AMS conveyance management facilitates efficient administration and reduced travel expenses. It is designed to meet the procedures and policies of every organization without compromising on quality and productivity.


  • Time saving as most of the procedures become automated
  • User-friendly design

Other Details

  • Say goodbye to paper forms and complicated spreadsheets.
  • Each and every rule and policy can be implemented
  • Enables hassle free conveyance
  • Helps in improved cost management with an useful travel spend analysis
  • Improves employee satisfaction because the processes are more systematic and organized
  • It's totally paperless
  • Maximizes the speed for travel claim approval process as no conventional methods that include manual paper methods


  • Systematic & organized processes
  • Hassle-free conveyance management
  • Quick travel claims approval process
  • Totally paperless, no difficult spreadsheets
  • Better cost-management with useful analysis
  • Easy implementation of organizational policies
  • Maximizes the speed for travel claim approval process

Employee Self Service (ESS)

The AMS Employee Self Service (ESS) allows users to view & access their information from a single platform. It enables them to book leaves, get approvals, mark attendance and manage conveyance. The ESS is user-friendly and it enables streamlined and efficient business processes. There is easy managing & maintaining of data. Further, the AMS ESS allows employees to apply for reimbursements. This module is aimed to empower employees and managers so that they perform their jobs responsibly. The AMS ESS offers efficient means of collecting employee detail changes. It’s ideal for organizations spread over several physical locations.


  • 'Go Green' and efficient with paperless information management and increased accuracy of performance data.

Other Details

  • An efficient means for collecting day-to-day employee information, especially in organizations having operations spread across multiple locations.


  • Efficient means for collecting everyday information of employees
  • Leave apply & approve the system
  • Attendance card integration along with shift management
  • Conveyance claim, apply & status
  • Outdoor apply & status
  • Synchronization of HR data with excel sheet (coming soon with SAP as well)

Outdoor Attendance

The outdoor attendance system is important for staff management. AMS Cloud offers effective tools in outdoor employee application. With field service attendance software, employees job time is tracked which can be used to calculate payments. AMS Cloud software has a feature for recording location of the employee. Hence employees must attend their location to mark the attendance by using the application for fieldworker.

Employee performance can be measured using the AMS Cloud outdoor employee application, which is crucial for outdoor projects. The AMS Cloud outdoor attendance system enables the management to schedule tasks to workers. Ghost workers are eliminated as the system uses fingerprints. The fieldworker application calculates their working time in a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


  • Outdoor employee application help eliminate time theft by employees
  • Best field service attendance software, reducing the cost of operation
  • AMS works online with live updates
  • Efficiency in employee performance
  • Reduced time to complete the task
  • Improved staff communication and increased productivity
  • Application for fieldworker ideal for performance evaluation

Holiday Management

You can set up holiday settings and it can be specified per location. When you create/upload new employees, the system will take their location as well as apply these settings to their record.


  • Customisable public holiday management
  • Attractive calendar view for employees in ESS
  • Configuration of the holiday branch wise, or state wise

Facilitation Tools

Employee monitoring is truly effective for human resources departments, managers, and business owners. They use it to track the productivity and performance of employees and as a way of security. Collected data can be analysed to find patterns, trends and correlations helpful in understanding and improving the business process.

Other Heading

  • Enables employers to analyze business processes
  • Creates a more engaged team
  • Saves money on employee retention
  • Provides data transparency
  • Protects against data loss
  • Discover Unrealized Revenue from a Fully Engaged Team
  • Cut Expenses
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Get Better at Micromanaging


  • Allows companies to analyse business processes
  • Provides data transparency and protects data loss
  • Real-time monitoring and cut expenses
  • Better micromanaging and improved customer service
  • Get in touch with your employees at any time
  • You can collaborate in an interactive way
  • Helps create a more engaged team and better employee retention

Email & SMS Notification

Attendance tracking software and SMS are effective for a streamlined and better company administration. Conventional means of sending SMS are time-consuming. With AMS one can automate the attendance and can set SMS templates as well as define an auto task for SMS alerts to the employee. Also, send an automatic email to the employee if coming late.


  • Currently, alerts for employees are available for InLate types. This will be expanded in the future.
  • Notify employees for any event to improve employee punctuality.
  • Simply navigate to App Setting to program employee alerts.

Strategic HR at a glance

AMS dynamic dashboard shows important signs about your business. It helps you target the most significant areas and limit business risks. The dashboard enables you to discover workforce insights, monitor attendance category wise, and manage other related tasks. AMS offers two types of the dashboard: one for Admin and another for the employee to accurately monitor attendance, leave, outdoor, holiday, comp-off and conveyance etc.


  • Attendance statistics
  • Present and absent details
  • List of holidays
  • Today's birthday list
  • Current month attendance trend
  • Top 5 latecomer (yesterday, current week, and current month)


MIS (management information system) report in AMS is a tool, which is used to evaluate business processes and operations. The reports produced from these systems help business managers to evaluate their daily activities, track progress, and make decisions. MIS system reporting is ideal for businesses of all sizes and can be used in every industry. AMS MIS automatically collects data from different areas within an attendance system. It produces daily reports and can also generate on-demand reports.


  • More than 15 daily attendance reports
  • Employee conveyance and travel reports
  • Monthly summary, basic and detailed reports for several purposes

User & Role Management

In an application, high levels of access are not required by most users. AMS provides the functionality of user role management, allowing a user to access particular areas of the system. Also, you can give users rights for their roles. You can see existing users with their privileges and roles from the Administration section. AMS ensures compliance in corporate rules and policies. With AMS, you can assign different permissions to different employees of your company.


  • Limit users to specific roles
  • Define the scope for the users
  • Pre-defined and user-defined roles

Company Policy Management

The manual process of policy sharing with all employees is a time-consuming job. AMS has the functionality to make policy and share with employees. An employee can find company policy/document under 'Policies' tab in ESS. With powerful and automatic built-in tools, AMS offers a perfect solution for policy & procedure management.

AMS saves time as well as improves efficiency through creating, approving, and communicating policies along with intelligent distribution, reporting, and knowledge assessment. Moreover, it provides a secure program that demonstrates corporate responsibility and reduces non-compliance risks.


  • Create or update policy
  • Share or withdrawal policy
  • Category wise share policy with employee

Mobile App

AMS is a cloud-based attendance management system that uses biometrics, mobile app to mark employee attendance. With the permission given by HR, employees can mark their attendance from any place through the mobile app. Also, they can view the calendar and apply for leave in the app. Through live tracking, you can see the actual time location of employees.

AMS Cloud is also an effective HRMS that gives managers detailed information such as employee check-in time, late arrival, overtime and leave balance. Location tracking via the app allows managers to view location log and related details.

Supported by various technologies like biometrics, geofencing, etc., attendance app has unique features of real-time tracking and live location. AMS Cloud is perfect for remote office locations.


  • Available in both, Android and iOS
  • Live tracking and attendance location
  • Attendance from anywhere
  • Captures photo of employees during clock-in

Team Management

Reporting person can effectively monitor team with My Team tab. He/she can view Attendance, Leave, Comp-off, Outdoor, and Conveyance details. And can also live track the team.


  • Team monitoring
  • Live tracking
  • Reporting person can view team attendance.

AMS Connect

This service is positioned for a better experience of users with AMS. User can raise a ticket for any help, and our professional support team connect with you soon. Only the admin has the authority to monitor & manage the information. AMS Connect offers robust data security and flexibility. Further, the cost of the resource is reduced with automated recording and management.


  • Raise a ticket online
  • Intant issue resolve

Other Details

  • A complete ticket ticketing system
  • Customer can create, view status and reply
  • Maintain histry of old tickets


  • Fast support by technical team
  • Notification of ticket create and reply
  • Customer can view who and when replying

DMS (Document Management System)

DMS is a high-performance document management system that offers the power of enterprise document management to companies and organizations of any kind and size all around the world. organizations can upload employee document to DMS and can give acceess to employee. Employee can view, download their docuemnt. DMS is a robust document management system that can meet the needs of organizations of any size.

The system also includes administration tools to define the roles of various users, access control, user quota, level of document security, detailed logs of activity.

DMS builds a highly valuable repository of corporate information assets to facilitate knowledge creation and improve business decision making, boosting workgroups and enterprise productivity through shared practices.

The DMS File Plan is a set of rules that indicate, for each kind of record in the enterprise, where they should be retained, the policies that apply to them, how long they must be retained, how they should be disposed of, and who is responsible for managing them.


  • Freedom
  • Convenience
  • Peace of Mind

Other Details

  • Control your enterprise content.
  • Central document repository of organisation and employee.
  • Empower organizations to capitalize on accumulated knowledge by locating documents, experts, and information sources.
  • Enterprise content management features.
  • Manage digital content.
  • Manage documents.


  • Storage Location
  • Security and access control
  • Auditing and Indexing
  • Classification, Search and retrieval
  • Integrated with AMS ESS